Artwork Requirements


Accepted File Formats

PSD, PNG, JPG (JPEG) and other Raster formats may be suitable for printing depending on the artwork and its quality.

Please note that an additional fee of $55.00 will be added for artwork requiring extensive work such as recreation or more than 2 minor changes.

To avoid fees, please:

 • Use a vector or a raster format from our list. Vector preferred.

 • Outline all fonts when working in vector formats. If working with text in Photoshop, rasterize your type layers or send a flattened PSD.

 • If working with a raster format, make sure it is of sufficient resolution. For example a 300 x 300 image is only 1" x 1" when printed at 300dpi. Enlarging a low resolution image rarely works and would require recreation of the artwork.

 • Send only what is to be put on the band, with all superfluous imagery removed.

If any of the above conditions cannot be met, your artwork may still be suitable. You will be contacted before any additional fees are applied and allowed to resubmit artwork.
The top image is NOT acceptable. Unacceptable Sample
The bottom image is acceptable.