Tabbed Vinyl

Plastic / 3 Ply Vinyl Wristbands


Our five tab wristbands are made of 3 layers of vinyl, fused together, with a male/female snap and adjustable holes to fit various wrist sizes.  The outer layer provides strong glossy colors, the middle layer makes them tough and stretch-resistant, while the inner layer is a smooth soft vinyl for comfort on the skin.  For safety reasons, the bands will break when strong force is applied. 

Each wristband has five extra tabs that can be broken off and used as payment for rides, food, and more.

Custom printing and consecutive numbering are available at an extra charge. With this option, special messages or symbols may be printed on each tab. Volume discounts are available for these wristbands!

Vinyl Wristbands Box
10 Tab Vinyl Wristbands $62.00
10 Tab Vinyl Wristbands

box of 500
3 Tab Vinyl Wristbands $60.00
3 Tab Vinyl Wristbands

box of 500
5 Tab Vinyl Wristbands $60.00
5 Tab Vinyl Wristbands

box of 500