1/2" Tyvek

1/2" Tyvek Wristbands


Our 1/2" tyvek wristbands are 1/2" wide by 10" long. They are all consecutively numbered and stick using an extremely strong adhesive. Like all of our tyvek bands, they contain tamper-shredding slits, which make it impossible to remove from one wrist and re-stick onto another. The Tyvek material used is extremely strong, does not stretch or tear, and is completely waterproof.

We offer a wide assortment of patterns and colors. Select the combination that fits your needs and remember, all of our tyvek wristbands are sold in boxes of 500.

Tyvek Wristbands Box

1/2" Checkerboard Wristbands $11.00
1/2" Checkerboard Wristbands

box of 500
1/2" Happy Face Wristbands $11.00
1/2" Happy Face Wristbands

box of 500
1/2" Solid Wristbands $11.00
1/2" Solid Wristbands

box of 500
1/2" Stars Wristbands $11.00
1/2" Stars Wristbands

box of 500
1/2" Stripes Wristbands $11.00
1/2" Stripes Wristbands

box of 500
1/2" Tyvek Party Pack $5.00
1/2" Tyvek Party Pack

box of 100