Overruns may be surplus from custom printed jobs and may include logos or names of other businesses. Please note that these bands are NOT guaranteed to be sequentially numbered. Also, these wristbands, priced significantly less than retail, are sold as-is; no refunds or exchanges will be accepted.

Overruns are sold by weight, not by exact count.

Any colors and patterns shown are for illustrative purposes only. Your order may contain multiple patterns, colors, misprints, or any combination thereof.

Please click the name or image for a description of each product.

Discounts and other coupon codes will not apply to these items.

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L Shape Trilaminate Age Verified $48.00
L Shape Trilaminate Age Verified
box of 500
L Shape Trilaminate Guitar $48.00
L Shape Trilaminate Guitar
box of 500
3/4" Blackbar Overrun (1000 pack) $15.00
3/4" Blackbar Overrun (1000 pack)
Assorted Colors
box of 1000
1" Blackbar Yellow Overrun (1000 pack) $18.00
1" Blackbar Yellow Overrun (1000 pack)
box of 1000
3/4" Your future is key $18.00
3/4" Your future is key
Black and white
box of 1000
Tyvek Overruns (1000 pack) $16.00
Tyvek Overruns (1000 pack)

box of 1000
Custom Pre-Printed Plastic Overruns $30.00
Custom Pre-Printed Plastic Overruns
box of 500